Directions to Project Ura Gora Аt all the junctions you should see a "УРА ГОРА" Hurrah for the forest, round green sign.

1. From Elhovo (Елхово) go direction BURGAS (бургас), (or from Burgas take the road that goes through Sredets untill you see sign for Malomirovo. then follow from step 3)

2. Some kms after Elhovo you will see right turn to MALOMIROVO (Маломирово).

3. Go through the village towards RAZDEL (Раздел) Тhis is the left turn next to the bus stop.

4. Before you reach Razdel you will see a blue sign to left turn for хижа Студено кладенче. (a guest chalet)

5.Follow this turn, go past the two chalets and you will reach the river

6. Decide if you car can handle a bumpy possibly muddy dirt road- if not proceed by foot. Cross the river and head up the hill following the signs.


any extra directions contact: +359(0)897793305

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