There are many ways of getting involved and supporting us. Here we try to name them, but for sure there are more...

Become a part of our root structure so we can grow together and create more and more project-leaves...


Get your hands dirty with us. Touch the living soil.

Natural building, watering plants, nursing&planting trees, gardening, natural bee-keeping, ...
We are happy to hear from you via Mail, Facebook or Woof Bulgaria (see Contact).



Provide/Borrow us tools, building material, books, plants, seeds ...

There are never enough working materials, books and other resources to realize our ideas and projects. Also we love to share, exchange organic seeds/foods or to exchange working force for certain projects. Our current wish-list: - Battery drill - TREES (always welcome) - Washing machine (12kg) for the Community building - mosaic-stones (colorful broken tiles, mirrors...) - Organic Coffee beans - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2-day Permablitz: We look for 20 people for our mud-building-project. We host you and cook for you (vegan/vegetarian).


Get connected with us and connect us with others.

It's always wonderful to be part of a growing network to support each other, share, to make new friendships and cooperations possible. We are more than happy to get linked on the Website of your project, to host your community or visit yours, to meet on permaculture events, organize courses together,...


Support us financially

For sure we are always happy about financial support to be able to take part in seminars/courses, to buy some missing materials, to host professionals, to buy the food we don't grow ourselves, to plant more and more trees, realize our endless ideas for regreening the planet and to be able to stop as well and create concepts and plans for new projects.


Share your skills with us, teach us, sponsor course-participations, ...

F.e. you are organizing a permaculture/meditation/... -course and could need some assistance with experience before and after (advertisement/hosting/catering/teaching,...) - For a free course participation we would love to send sb of our community to help. Or you are a good at carpenting and would love to realize a crazy tree-house project and don't know where? Or you can support us with engineering ideas in our science-lab, do some graphic design, share your permaculture-experiences, take beautiful photographs, help us with the architecture of our new house, ... Or you could give our community lessons in yoga/kung-fu/meditation/dancing/skating/climbing,... ? Anything always welcome.